Silicon Valley Bubble

I went back home to the East Coast, Washington DC suburb, this past holiday season. I also went up to see my friends and cousins in NJ and NY. Having the first meaningful conversation with my friends and relatives in about two years made me realize one thing about Silicon Valley.

We (those of us living in the SF Bay Area) are living in a bubble. I am not talking about startup/options/hype kind of bubble, but a tech bubble. I was the one most knowledgeable about up-to-date information of facebook and its eco-system with apps and social games, twitter, google, etc. None of my friends and relatives seem to know nor even care about such information.

It’s just amazing and unbelievable when you think about such high concentration of technical knowledge, talent and money in one geographical area.

One thought on “Silicon Valley Bubble

  1. Yep, many of us are blind to what’s going on east of Tilden Park.

    But I have to laugh when I read that Silicon Valley is a has-been. Sure, the economy here ebbs and flows just like everywhere else. But real talent is still flowing in, and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon.

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