It’s here to stay and disrupt for a long time

Marc Andreessen is the second most admired person on my list after Paul Graham, and what was able to do in this tough economy and what he said about startups and the Web are the perfect examples of why.

And in addition, that’s why I hate my job. I can’t believe how backward a lot of these Korean companies can be. No, I should take it back. They are not backwards, but they are just so predictable and so ordinary that not much innovations come from there. I have no others to blame but myself for current situation. I should have known it and seen it coming even under the sweet talks by my old boss. Their way of management is through micro-management and hierarchical structure. Ewwwww. What was I thinking?

But, at the same time, it gives me more and more motivation to pursue my own interest. I see it as my only way to do what I enjoy since my resume is not good fit for one of those hot startups. I will channel my frustration into something good. I am actually having fun with what I am building. I have even registered domain name for it. I have no idea whether it will become of something. But, all that matters is that I am enjoying it.

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