Learn from others’ mistakes

I am in mid-30’s and along the way I’ve made my own share of mistakes. Of course, in retrospect if I knew differently or better, I wouldn’t have made those mistakes. A wise man once told me that a smart person would learn from others’ mistakes, and it is so right. Come to think of it, I used to discount most proverbs and old sayings as whatever, but now I think they are true in general cases (perhaps more than 70% of time). They had become what they are from hundreds of years of observation, and I think that’s pretty powerful.

So, I just wanted to warn people, especially those who may want to work for a local company in mother land (non-American descendants and/or 1.5 to 2nd, 3rd generations), about possible consequence of their action. If you plan to move there permanently, none of it would matter.

First and foremost, don’t do it unless there is a good reason for it. Chances are you will be faced with vast corporate/local culture shock. Unless their culture could be considered positive or you are sure that you can spin it positively or you can be completely submerged in the culture and later plan to work for a company that targets the market, don’t do it. In addition, if you want to come back and get another job, it would be hard to conduct phone and/or face-to-face interview from overseas.

Second, make sure it is a world-renown company where you are absolutely sure that skill sets and experiences can be viewed positively when moving back to US. Remember, how the company is perceived can be very different from views/experiences inside. It is crucial,

Third, if you really want an international exposure, go to an American company who is looking to send someone there so that you would at least be guaranteed a job in US. Like I said, it would be though to arrange and do phone and/or face-to-face interview from overseas, and you are likely to have to come back and start looking. It wouldn’t apply if you have rich parents or uncle from whom you can live off for a while.

Remember. Always learn from others’ mistakes.

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