Day Three: Busan (Gamcheon Culture Village)

When we were done with dinner in Gyeongju, we took a train back to Busan and to our hotel. We were beat, so I think all of us had a good night.

I woke up early on this day and took a walk outside to go to McDonald to get some breakfast. There were A LOT of bars and restaurants along the way to the McDonalds. It looked the area surrounding the hotel is pretty happening place.

Street 1
Street 2

After breakfast, we packed out stuff, checked out, and left our bags at the front desk so that we can go to the Gamcheon Culture Village before heading over to Osaka, Japan.

Gamcheon Culture Village is known for narrow streets and steps, and public arts. It’s built on a hill, so it’s better to go to the top and walk down. There are helpful signs throughout, so it’s easy to find your way around. Here are some photos, but for all, you can visit my album.

overview Big fish Cat mural ![Creepy birds][8] little prince Book steps Narrow steps

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